Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adult Refreshment Tent at Fair, Sun Country Landing Rights, Ingham Health Plan, Campaign Update

Sorry this blog is so late. Due to personal family reasons, last week was very crazy for me and next week may be the same. As such, this will be a short blog.

The Ingham County Commission met this week. The only resolution that we passed which was controversial was permanently allowing the Fair Board to offer an Adult Refreshment Tent (with beer and wine) at the Ingham County Fair. As was raised in committee, none of the predicted problems have happened over the last two years. No drunken people causing mischief, no public safety problems, no drunk driving, etc. In fact, there have been no problems at all with this. Commissioner Vickers said that the fair has the 4-H and it is not a proper venue for a beer tent. Commissioner Koenig responded that there hasn't been a problem. Commissioner Bahar-Cook added that she patronized the refreshment tent, and the staff did a great job of IDing those that entered the tent and of watching the drinking. I also added that this is an option that can be used to attract to people to the fair, which was mentioned to me by constituents. Commissioner Dougan then weighed in and said that this is not an option to raise money that he supports. The resolution passed on a bi-partisan vote with 11 Commissioners voting yes (10 Democrats and 1 Republican) and Commissioners Dougan, Vickers, Schafer, Celentino, and Copedge voting no (3 GOP and 2 Dems).

In non-controversial votes, the Board took a position calling on the federal government not to shut down the landing rights for Sun Country Airlines, which flies from Lansing to DC. We also authorized over $3 million to go to the Ingham Health Plan Corporation for health care benefits to those without health insurance through the Ingham Health Plan.

On the campaign trail, everything continues to go very well. I have been meeting with neighborhood groups and other groups in Lansing and Lansing Township. More and more people (electeds, neighborhood leaders, unions, business leaders, etc) are signing on to my campaign every week. Fundraising is going very well, and we have our next fundraiser on March 14th in Lansing (check it out here on facebook!). If you want to contribute, sign up to volunteer to knock doors or help out otherwise, have a lawn sign outside your house or business, or just keep up with the can go to and click on the appropriate link.

Thanks everyone for all your support! I will keep fighting for Ingham County residents on the County Commission, and look forward to the opportunity to fight for Lansing are residents in the Michigan House of Representatives!


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