Thursday, August 9, 2012

No Commission Meetings This Week...So A Big Post-Primary Thank You!

First, let me apologize for missing the blog last week. I try not to skip weeks, but there were no county meetings last week and it was the last 5 days before the election. So, I was busy and forgot.

This week, we also did not have an Ingham County Commission meeting. As I have mentioned before, July and August we meet half time. So only one round of committee meetings and one county commission meeting. That means each Commissioner will have three meetings (2 committees and 1 Board meeting). August is the same thing, except that we add budget meetings for each committee.

This week was first big step towards the culmination of the last year and a half of my life. As you know, last year I declared my intention to seek the open seat for Lansing and Lansing Township in the House of Representatives (68th District). Representative Joan Bauer is term-limited out of office after six years. And, as it turns out after redistricting, the new 68th seat also encompasses a portion of Rep. Barb Byrum's seat.

Last Tuesday was the Democratic Primary where seven candidates ran for the 68th district House seat. I have been knocking doors for several months (since March, I think), but we really ramped up the campaign after Memorial Day. My campaign manager came on full time and we solidified our campaign staff. For three months, we canvassed the entire district. Personally, I knocked about 8,000 doors. My campaign knocked about 28,000 doors. Voters received several mail pieces. 750 yard signs were put up. Calls were made. We ran a full and aggressive campaign that i am very proud of. After all of this effort to get our message out to the voters, we received 43% of the vote in the seven-way primary. This was enough to be victorious.

I have so many people to thank. First, I thank the voters of Lansing and Lansing Township. I heard at so many doors that people had read the materials we sent them, and enjoyed discussing the issues at their doors. The voters were informed and really responded to our message of focusing on education, jobs, and revitalization by being able to get immediate results because of my extensive experience in the Legislature and as an elected official. I would also like to thank my campaign team. Joe, Sean, Denzel, Kira, Nathan, Brendan, Karissa, Tom, Mitchell, Nyla, and all the many people who knocked doors and made calls and entered data and put out yard signs and did the things that the campaign needed. You all are amazing people. I will never forget your extremely hard work and your belief in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to all those that stuck their necks out to endorse me. The many elected officials, associations, neighborhood presidents, community leaders, and others. You took a risk by believing in me and making that public before the election. I always remember those who were with me in the hard times, and I greatly appreciate it. There are too many to list here, but my endorsements are still up on my webpage at

Then there is my family. My wife, Erin Schor, and my children Ryan and Hannah. They were so supportive through the whole campaign. They understood when I had to go out and knock doors and attend events and take calls. A campaign like this simply can't be successful without the support of your family, and mine is awesome!

I look forward to the general election campaign, and the opportunity to put my vision up against the Republican nominee. I am excited to engage the entire electorate at their doors, events, on the phones, and anywhere else.

Thanks again to everyone!

My next Ingham County meeting is the Human Services Committee, which is on Monday the 20th. Either I will have a guest blog next week, or may skip posting. I am not sure yet. But the week of the 20th, we will get back to county business for the rest of the year.

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