Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back to Blogging

I’m back. I know it has been a few weeks since blogging. Sorry about that. It was a combination of a few things:

(1) Getting elected to the House and all the craziness that has accompanied that. Tuesday the 7th was election day, Wednesday was yard sign take down, Thursday and Friday were new legislator orientation. Also that Thursday I participated in my first House Democrat caucus, where we elected our leadership for the next two years. I was proud to support Rep. Tim Greimel for leader and Rep. Rudy Hobbs for Floor Leader. Since then, it has been a whirlwind. I was part of a press release calling on moving on the Health Exchange and have been working on a variety of other things. I am looking forward to serving my constituents for the next two years in the House of Representatives, being a leader in the Democratic Caucus, and working with both parties to create good public policy for Michigan.

(2) Holidays. Everyone has been telling me that my family should get away, and we did. We went to California for a week and spent Thanksgiving with family. It was fun and nice to get away for a few days.

(3) Wrapping up pre-existing county issues. While the county commission and committees met, the big issues that we considered were issues that I previously wrote about. We finalized and passed the budget, and we finalized and passed the PACE program. I previously wrote about both of these and you can go to past editions to see them. Additionally, I had to miss a few committees because I was sick (the campaign finally caught up to me!) and because of my family vacation.

(4) Continuing my work at the Michigan Municipal League through the end of the year. I have been assisting the transition of my issues and have been helping out where I can. The League is an absolutely fantastic organization and is one of the leaders in forward thinking in Michigan. Placemaking and retention of talent in our urban communities will strengthen Michigan's economy for the future, and I am excited that I was able to play a part in this effort at the League.

All this being said, I will continue to publish this blog through the end of the year and report on the important county commission issues. We only have two more full county commission meetings, and two one more round of committees until the end. And next year I am planning to continue this blog and do a legislative email as a member of the House of Representatives. So I will continue my communication and transparency. Thanks so much for reading!

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. December will go quick, and I am excited for January. Swearing in for the Legislature will be on Wednesday, January 8th but our office will be open on January 2nd. You will be able to reach my office on January 2nd at or at (517) 373-0826, and you can always stop by the House Office Building in downtown Lansing and come to my office on the 10th floor. Until then, you can continue to get me at

Thanks again, and I hope to chat with everyone soon!

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