Thursday, January 16, 2014

House of Representatives Week in Review

Friends, as a County Commissioner I tried to put up a blog every week discussing what happened at the County Commission meetings. I would like to continue these updates and will be posting to this blog the legislation that has passed the House each week. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or thoughts about any of these bills at any time. Thanks, and I hope this is helpful!

Andy Schor
State Representative
68th District

The following is a summary of legislation that recently passed the House between January 13, 2014 – January 17, 2014.

Amendment to the Highway Advertising Act
HB 4629 (Jacobsen), RC 1, 1/15/14, Passed: 101-6
Next: Sent to Governor for signature
HB 4629 amends the Highway Advertising Act, including but not limited to: requiring a new permit process and other restrictions for digital billboards; addressing enforcement issues related to nonconforming billboards and other issues to ensure compliance with federal requirements; amending procedures and penalties related to vegetation management in the vicinity of billboards; and establishing a Michigan Billboard Advisory Council.

Prohibition of Tax Deficiencies from Being Determined Based on Indirect Audits
HB 4288 (Foster), RC 2, 1/15/14, Passed: 107-0
HB 4292 (MacGregor), RC 3, 1/15/14, Passed: 107-0
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HBs 4288 and 4292 amend the General Sales Tax Act and Use Tax Act, respectively, to prohibit tax deficiencies or assessments from being determined based on indirect audits under certain circumstances.

Establishment of Deadlines for the Department of Treasury
SB 337 (Brandenburg), RC 4, 1/15/14, Passed: 108-0
Next: Sent to Senate for reconsideration
SB 337 establishes deadlines for the Department of Treasury to meet for: releasing a business’s tax liability to the purchase of that business; finalizing audits; determining a taxpayer’s liability following an audit; and approving refund claims.

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