Friday, February 14, 2014

House of Representatives Week in Review: February 11th - 13th

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Below please find an update on legislation passed by the House of Representatives this week (February 11th through 13th).  Please feel free to contact me (517.373.0826; if you have questions or thoughts about any of the below bills. 

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Andy Schor
State Representative
68th District

Addition of Department of Human Services Employees to the List of Individuals that can Access Restricted Information
HB 5198 (McCready), Passed: 108-1
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 5198 adds Department of Human Services (DHS) employees involved in a disciplinary action to the list of individuals and groups that can access certain restricted information.

Allowing Property that has been affected by Natural Disasters to have the same Taxable Value
SB 396 (Casperson), Passed: 82-27
Next: Sent to Governor for signature
SB 396 amends the General Property Tax Act to provide for the taxable value of property to remain essentially unchanged if the property were reconstructed in a similar fashion due to an accident or act of God; and specify that construction required to bring the property into code compliance would not increase its taxable value.

Allowing Jail Inmates to be released during the Day for Work, School, or Medical Treatment
SB 581 (Jones), Passed: 109-0
Next: Sent to Governor for signature
SB 581 makes a technical amendment to Public Act 60 of 1962, which is a statute that allows jail inmates to be released during the day so that they may attend school, go to work, or seek medical treatment.

Allowing a Human Trafficking Victim to Apply for Expungements
HB 5025 (Heise), Passed: 109-0
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 5025 allows a human trafficking victim to apply for expungements of certain offenses from his or her criminal record. 

Elimination of Gender References in Certain Prostitution Statutes
HB 5231 (Graves), Passed: 109-0
HB 5232 (Jenkins), Passed: 107-2
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
Together, these bills eliminate gender references in certain prostitution statutes and increase penalties for certain offenses.

Requiring Flags Used to Mark Graves of Veterans be American Made
SB 428 (Kahn), Passed: 101-9
Next: Sent to Governor for signature
SB 428 requires that flags used to mark graves of military veterans be American made.

Reduction of the Severance Tax on Oil and Gas from “Enhanced Recovery Methods”
HB 4885 (Nesbitt), Passed: 85-25
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 4885 is a bill to reduce the severance tax on oil and gas produced by “enhanced recovery methods.”

Expansion of the Definition of “Pipeline”
HB 5254 (Outman), Passed: 93-17
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 5254 would expand the definition of “pipeline” to include pipelines carrying carbon dioxide gas for enhanced recovery operations (EOR).

Expansion of Condemnation Authority for Pipelines Carrying CO2
HB 5255 (STALLWORTH), Passed: 69-41
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 5255 would expand condemnation authority for pipelines carrying CO2 for the purposes of enhanced oil recovery.

Allowing Courts to Order Involuntary Treatment for Individuals who present an Imminent Danger
HB 4486 (Walsh), Passed: 102-8
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 4486 would allow courts, under certain circumstances, to order involuntary treatment for individuals who present an imminent danger or threat to themselves, family, or others as a result of a substance abuse disorder.

Addition of Carbon Dioxide and Enhanced Recovery Operation Terms
HB 5274 (Pettalia), Passed: 99-11
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 5274 is a bill to add the carbon dioxide and enhanced recovery operation terms found in House Bill 5254 to the rest of 1929 PA 16.

Prohibition of Mandatory Life in Prison without Parole Sentences for Juveniles
HB 4808 (O’Brien), Passed: 60-50
Next: Sent to Governor for signature

HB 4808 amends several sections of the Michigan Penal Code to prohibit mandatory life in prison without parole (LWOP) sentences for juvenile offenders.

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