Friday, March 7, 2014

House of Representatives Week in Review: March 4th - 6th

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Below please find an update on legislation passed by the House of Representatives this week (March 4th through 6th).  Please feel free to contact me (517.373.0826; if you have questions or thoughts about any of the below bills. 

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Andy Schor
State Representative
68th District

Allowing Municipalities to Enter into Agreements with the Treasurer of a County for Tax Collection Purposes
HB 5160 (Price), Passed: 109-0
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 5160 specifically allows a city, village, or township to enter into agreements with the treasurer of a county in which it is located to have the county treasurer administer some or all of the municipality’s tax collection functions.

FY 2013-2014 Supplemental for Healthy Michigan
SB 608 (Kahn), Passed: 65-44
Next: Sent to Senate for reconsideration
SB 608 is a multi-department supplemental that predominantly makes necessary changes associated with the delay in implementation of Healthy Michigan (Medicaid Expansion) and provides funding for necessary road projects, among other changes. The supplemental reduces gross appropriations by a total of $130,178,100, and increases GF/GP funding by $193,401,500.

Clarification of the Creation of Separate Legal Entities May be Created by Interlocal Agreements
SB 437 (Nofs), Passed: 108-2
Next: Sent to Governor for signature
SB 437 clarifies under what circumstances separate legal entities may be created by interlocal agreements. The separate legal entity may be created only if the interlocal agreement expressly provides for its creation. The bill also deletes references to an “administrative” entity throughout.

Removal of References to “Mentally Retarded” from State Laws
HB 5345 (Lori), Passed: 110-0
HB 5346 (CAVANAGH), Passed: 110-0
HB 5347 (Haines), Passed: 110-0
HB 5348 (Leonard), Passed: 110-0
HB 5349 (Cotter), Passed: 110-0
HB 5350 (COCHRAN), Passed: 110-0
HB 5351 (KNEZEK), Passed: 110-0
HB 5352 (Somerville), Passed: 110-0
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
The bills remove references to “mentally retarted” and replace the term with “developmentally disabled” or “intellectually disabled”.

Requiring the Development of a Uniform Medical Release Form
HB 5136 (Lori), Passed: 110-0
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 5136 amends the Mental Health Code to require the Department of Community Health to develop a uniform medical release form.

Fiscal Year 2013-2014 School Aid Supplemental
HB 4295 (Haveman), Passed: 107-3
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration
HB 4295 is a FY 13-14 school aid supplemental, predominantly making necessary cost adjustments associated with pupil counts, special education costs, and taxable value changes. However, the bill also makes grants for dissolved district transitions as well as provides for a contract for health and nutrition education software. The gross appropriations is a $46,612,500 reduction from current year-to-date appropriations.

Extension of Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for the Cobo Center in Detroit
SB 711 (Marleau), Passed: 100-10
SB 735 (Marleau), Passed: 100-10
Next: Sent to Governor for signature
SBs 711 and 735 extend, respectively, sales and use tax exemptions related to tangible personal property used in the construction or renovation of the Cobo Center in Detroit. Under current law, these exemptions expired on December 31, 2013. The bills extend the sunset for these exemptions to December 31, 2015.

Allowing a Purchaser of a Property at a Sheriff’s Sale to Periodically Inspect the Property during the Redemption Period
HB 5277 (Callton), Passed: 107-3
Next: Sent to Senate for consideration

House Bill 5277 would amend Public Act 104 of 2013, which allowed the purchaser of a property at a sheriff's sale to periodically inspect the property during the redemption period and to sue for possession if the homeowner damaged the property, to provide for an unlimited amount of exterior inspections, an initial interior inspection and to allow the purchaser to request that the mortgagor provide information on or evidence of the condition of the interior of the property (which could take the place of subsequent interior inspections if certain conditions are met). The bill caps the number of information requests (unless certain conditions exist), requires information to be sent to the mortgagor, including the contact information of the purchaser, and includes notice requirements. The bill repeal certain provisions on the act and creates rebuttal presumptions as to when the mortgagor is and is not liable for damage.

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