Friday, November 14, 2014

House of Representatives Week in Review: November 3rd - November 7th

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If you haven’t already updated yourself, here’s a list of the legislation that passed the House last week (November 3rd through 7th). 

Please feel free to contact me (517.373.0826; if you have any questions or thoughts about any of the below bills.

Thank you!

Andy Schor
State Representative
68th District

Passed 11/3 – 11/7
Require Community Colleges to ask applicants if they are a veterans or active military on admission applications
HB 5035 (H-2), 11/6/14, Passed: 106-0
Requires community colleges to include a question on its admissions applications to identify veterans, active duty members, National Guard or reserves members, along with spouses and dependents.

Requires Community Colleges to inform veterans and active military about the transfer of military training for credit
HB 5036 (H-1), 11/6/14, Passed: 106-0
The bill requires that Board of Trustees at community colleges ensure the college is informing qualified veterans, reserve members, and members of the Michigan National Guard of options relating to the transfer of military education and training for college credit.

Authorizes the use of military experience for licensure in various boiler-related professions
HB 5751, 11/6/14, Passed: 106-0
The bill amends the Boiler Act to authorize the use of military experiences as a basis for licensure for boiler installers, boiler repairer, and boiler special inspector.

Language updates to the Revised Judicature Act for accuracy and consistency
HB 5794, 11/6/14, Passed: 106-0
HB 5795, 11/6/14, Passed: 106-0
House Bill 5794 would amend the Revised Judicature Act to correct a drafting error created by previous legislation. The bill would switch a reference to “mortgagor” with the word “purchaser.”

House Bill 5795 would amend Section 3140 of the Revised Judicature Act to make certain references (personal representatives and a person who has recorded interest in the property) consistent with other provisions of the Act (Section 3240). These provisions pertain to redemption of foreclosed property.



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