Friday, May 29, 2015

House of Representatives Week in Review: May 25th – May 29th

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Below is a list of the legislation that came before the House this week (May 25th through May 29th).  Please feel free to contact me (517.373.0826; if you have any questions or thoughts about any of the below bills.

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Andy Schor
State Representative
68th District

Passed 5/25-5/29

Child Custody Motions during Military Service
SB 9 (H-1) 5/26/15, Passed 110-0
Senate Bill 9 (H-1) would amend the “Child Custody Act of 1970” to revise how motions filed for child custody are handled by a court during the time a parent is deployed for military service outside of the country.

Clarify physical presence required for vote
HB 4182 5/26/15, Passed 91-19
House Bill 4182 (H-2) would prohibit elected officials from voting during an elected public body’s meeting through electronic or telephonic means when they are physically absent from a meeting.

Scrap and Salvage Title for Insurance Companies
SB 196 5/26/15, Passed 107-3
Allows insurance companies to obtain a scrap or salvage title from the Secretary of State in circumstances when the insurer pays a claim for a total loss on a vehicle but is unable to obtain a certificate of title from the vehicle owner.

Athletic Trainer Licensing Fees
HB 4263 5/26/15, Passed 109-1
HB 4263 reduces the yearly licensing fee paid by athletic trainers, as well as amends regulations related to necessary training and qualifications to be licensed as an athletic trainer in Michigan.

Prohibits the Lottery Bureau from disclosing the name, address, or other personal information concerning the winner of a multistate gaming prize
HB 4433 5/26/15, Passed 103-7
HB 4433 except as provided by state and federal laws, prohibits the Lottery Bureau from disclosing the name, address, or other personal information concerning the winner of a prize awarded under a game played pursuant to a joint enterprise, unless the winner of the prize agrees, in writing, to allow the disclosure.

Taxpayer Appeal Changes
SB 100 5/27/15, Passed 109-0
SB 100 (S-2) amends the Revenue Act to delete a requirement that, in an appeal to the Court of Claims, a taxpayer first pay the disputed portion of a tax, including penalties and interest, under protest and claim a refund as part of the appeal. The bill also would change the timeframe for an appeal to the Tax Tribunal from 35 days to 60 days after the assessment, decision, or order. In addition, the bill would appropriate $200,000 for fiscal year 2015 from the General Fund to the Court of Claims for operations due to the anticipated increased caseload from the changes made by the bill.

Require scrap metal dealers to only mail payment for certain items in a transaction over $25.00, and not for the entire transaction
SB 304 5/27/15, Passed 69-40
SB 304 would allow a scrap metal dealer to pay a seller immediately, no matter the purchasing price, for any items that are not catalytic converters, air conditioners or parts, or copper wire, even if those items are in the transaction. If any of those three items are being sold in that transaction, and amount to $25.00 or more, then the dealer would have to mail payment to the seller for the price of any of those three items only. If those items amount for less than $25.00 alone, the dealer would be able to pay the seller at the time of transaction.

Tax-free savings accounts for families of children under 26 years of age who are disabled
HB 4541 5/27/15, Passed 107-2
HB 4542 5/27/15, Passed 108-1
HB 4543 5/27/15, Passed 108-1
HB 4544 5/27/15, Passed 108-1
House Bills 4541-4543 and 4544 would create tax-free savings accounts for families of children under 26 years of age who are disabled. These accounts would not count against applicants for financial eligibility determinations for assistance programs.

Sunset Fee Extension
HB 4447 5/27/15, Passed 94-15
HB 4447 would extend the sunset on the nursing home provider assessment (Quality Assurance Assessment Program, or QAAP), which helps fund programs within DCH.

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