Monday, November 16, 2015

The following is a summary of legislation that passed the House 11.9.15-11.13.15. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need additional information.

Amending Michigan Election Law to Establish Four Regular Election Dates
HB 4904 (McBroom) RC 418, 11/10/15 Passed 105-1
Next: Presentation to the Governor
Committee: Elections
Description: HB 4904 (McBroom) amends some language in the Michigan Election Law to clarify that there are four regular election dates. These dates are: the May regular election date (which is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May), the August regular election date (which is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in August), the November regular election date (which is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November), In each presidential election year when a statewide presidential primary election is held (the date of the statewide presidential primary election). The effect of this clarification is that all political subdivisions of this state will be able to place a ballot question in any election scheduled on a regular election date including the March presidential primary election. The bill also amends Section 646a to require all local ballot question filing deadlines to comply with the state law deadline. Current law has conflicting wording dealing with whether state law or local ordinance takes precedence when determining a filing deadline for candidates for local office and for all ballot questions of a political subdivision

Revising Motorcycle Safety Course Fees; Requirements
HB 4853 (Tedder) RC 419, 11/10/15 Passed 95-11
HB 4854 (Tedder) RC 420, 11/10/15 Passed 101-5
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Transportation and Infrastructure
Description: HB 4853 (Tedder) increases the maximum course fee allowed to be charged for a motorcycle safety course conducted by a public organization from $25 to $50. HB 4854 (Tedder) waives the requirement of a written knowledge test and road sign test to obtain a motorcycle endorsement for a person that has successfully passed a motorcycle safety course. Under current law, a driving skills test is waived upon completion of a motorcycle safety course, but a written knowledge test and road sign test must still be taken.

Amending Firearms Law to Define “Acceptable Proof” to Become Eligible for “No Carry Zone” Exemption
SB 516 (H-1) (Jones) RC 421, 11/10/15 Passed 83-23
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Committee: Judiciary
Description: SB 516 (H-1) (Jones) would amend the firearms law to define what “acceptable proof” certain proposed exempt individuals must show to prove they qualify for the exemption from a provision that prohibits the carrying of concealed pistols in “no carry zones.” In addition, the bill would revise the procedures for suspension of a concealed pistol license when a licensee is charged with a felony or misdemeanor and for reinstatement of the license when a person is acquitted or charges are dismissed. The bill is tie-barred to House Bill 4159 (Johnson).

Michigan Association of Health Plans (MAHP) Package
HB 4933 (H-1) (Barrett) RC 422, 11/10/15 Passed 105-1
HB 4934 (H-2) (KOSOWSKI) RC 423, 11/10/15 Passed 105-1
HB 4935 (H-1) (Leonard) RC 424, 11/10/15 Passed 103-3
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Insurance
Description: HB 4933 (H-1) (Barrett) would amend the Patient’s Right to Independent Review Act (PRIRA) to make a number of changes primarily concerning the review process for requests concerning experimental services or treatment. HB 4934 (H-2) (KOSOWSKI) would amend the Coordination of Benefits Act (Act) to clarify the rules by which the order in which multiple insurers will pay on a claim. HB 4935 (H-1) (Leonard) would make a substantial amount of changes to the Insurance Code, including the combinations of sections of chapters that cover similar topics, minor changes needed for language continuity with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and general updates to an Health Maintenance Organizations’ (HMOs) operating requirements.

Expanding Dark Sky Preserve Lands
HB 5023 (Pettalia) RC 425, 11/10/15 Passed 88-18
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Tourism and Outdoor Recreation
Description: HB 5023 (Pettalia) would expand the land designated under the Dark Sky Preserves.
Dark Sky Preserves are areas of state owned land where night time lighting is controlled for the intent of preserving an area for enjoyment of the night sky (stargazing, photography, etc.). Current Dark Sky Preserves can be found at Lake Hudson, Lenawee County, Wilderness State Park, and portions of Port Crescent State Park. The bill adds the following three areas: State owned land encompassing Rockport State Recreation Area, Negwegon State Park, Thompson’s Harbor State Park.

Increasing the Maximum Lengths for Truck Tractors
SB 274 (H-1) (Jones) RC 426, 11/10/15 Passed 106-0
Next: Return to the Senate
Committee: Transportation and Infrastructure
Description: SB 274 (H-1) (Jones) increases the maximum lengths for the following vehicle combinations: For a saddle mount vehicle combination including up to three saddle mounts or a combination of vehicles using a tow bar connection, from 75 feet to 97 feet. For a vehicle combination with a trailer used exclusively to transport assembled motor vehicles or vehicle bodies, from 65 feet to 79 feet, with the trailer itself up to 53 feet.

Eliminate the Property Tax “Pop-Up” for Certain Residential Property Tax Transfers
HB 4930 (H-1) (Nesbitt) RC 427, 11/10/15 Passed 81-25
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Tax Policy
Description: HB 4930 (H-1) (Nesbitt) eliminates the property tax “pop-up” for certain residential property tax transfers involving the expiration or termination of a life estate or life lease

Amend the General Property Tax Act to Allow for Assessors to Keep Property Tax Assessments Electronically
HB 4888 (H-2) (Hughes) RC 428, 11/10/15 Passed 105-1
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Local Government
Description: HB 4888 (H-2) (Hughes) amends PA 206 of 1893, the General Property Tax Act, to allow for assessors to keep property tax assessments electronically.

Allow Pharmacists to Substitute FDA Designated Generic Drugs Instead of Dispensing Higher Cost Brand-Name Drugs
HB 4812 (H-2) (Bizon) RC 429, 11/10/15 Passed 101-5
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Health Policy
Description: HB 4812 (H-2) (Bizon) The bill would amend the Public Health Code to allow pharmacists to substitute Food & Drug Administration (FDA) designated interchangeable biological drug products, instead of dispensing higher cost brand-name drugs.

Extending Reciprocity Certification to a Firefighter from Out-of-State Who Seeks Employment in Michigan
SB 372 (Zorn) RC 430, 11/10/15 Passed 105-0
Next: Presentation to the Governor
Committee: Workforce and Talent Development
Description: SB 372 (Zorn) would amend the Firefighters Training Council Act to require the State Fire Marshall to waive firefighter examination requirements and extend reciprocity certification to a firefighter from another state seeking to work as a firefighter in this State if the other state required certain training standards

Providing “Good Samaritan” Immunity for Licensed EMS Providers When They Provide Emergency Medical Assistance in Good Faith
SB 427 (S-1) (Hansen) RC 431, 11/10/15 Passed 105-0
Next: Presentation to the Governor
Committee: Criminal Justice
Description: SB 427 (S-1) (Hansen) would amend the “Good Samaritan” law to include licensed EMS providers among the health professionals are immune from civil liability when they provide emergency medical assistance in good faith, while off duty, and without compensation

Expand Who Can Conceal Carry in ‘No Carry’ Zones
HB 4159 (Johnson) RC 432, 11/10/15 Passed 82-23
Next: Presentation to the Governor

Committee: Judiciary
Description: HB 4159 (Johnson) would allow certain licensed corrections officers, and retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed pistol in a “pistol-free” or “no carry” zone. The following individuals would be exempt from the prohibition against carrying concealed pistols in “no carry” zones: A retired corrections officer of a county sheriff's department, A Michigan Department of Corrections officer or absconder recovery unit member, A retired parole, probation, or corrections officer of absconder recovery unit member of the Michigan Department of Corrections.

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