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Facebook Fan Page, County Commission leadership and committees, Boards and Commissions

Happy 2011. I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year season.

First, a note - many of you receive the notification of my blog through my facebook group "Andy Schor, Ingham County Commissioner." It has been pointed out to me that the better way to provide information to constituents, people interested in county activities, and those following Andy Schor in general is to have a facebook fan page instead. So...I introduce my 2011 update - my facebook fan page (click here). (thanks, Mitchell!)

The 2011 Ingham County Commission started our year on Monday with our swearing in. It was fairly standard, with all 16 Commissioners sworn in (12 Democrats and 4 Republicans). We elected our Board leadership – Mark Grebner as Chairperson, Deb Nolan as Vice Chairperson, and Don Vickers as Vice Chairperson Pro-Tem. We also approved committee lineups. The committees for next year are:

COUNTY SERVICES: De Leon (chair), Copedge (vice-chair), Celentino, Schor, Vickers, Dragonetti

FINANCE: Schor (chair), Tsernoglou (vice-chair), Nolan, Bahar-Cook, McGrain, Dougan

HUMAN SERVICES: Tennis (chair), McGrain (vice-chair), Koenig, Nolan, Vickers, Dougan

JUDICIARY: Bahar-Cook (chair), Koenig (vice-chair), Holman, Tennis, Tsernoglou, Schafer

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Celentino (chair), Holman (vice-chair), De Leon, Copedge, Schafer, Dragonetti

In addition, we approved members of the many Boards and Commissions that we serve on. In addition to our official duties serving on committees and attending the Board meetings, we also serve on a variety of boards and commissions for other regional organizations. Adding these to the many neighborhood associations that we visit and other community responsibilities results in very busy schedules for county commissioners!

Here is the list of the many boards and commissions that had commissioners appointed (and in some unique circumstances, county staff in place of commissioners):

Agriculture Preservation Board - Don Vickers
Animal Control Shelter Advisory Board - Todd Tennis
Capital Area Michigan (WORKS) Board - Dale Copedge, Debbie De Leon, Victor Celentino
CARTS Committee - Jared Cypher, Dianne Holman (alternate)
CATA Board - Mark Grebner
Capital Region Airport Authority - Victor Celentino
Capital Region Airport Authority Liaison - Debbie De Leon
Community Coalition for Youth - Deb Nolan
Community Corrections Advisory Board - Carol Koenig
Community Health Center Board - Todd Tennis
Community Mental Health Authority - Dale Copedge
Community Services Administration - Eric Schertzing, Carol Koenig
Convention Visitors Bureau - Debbie De Leon
Drainage Board - Mark Grebner, Bd Chair, Andy Schor, Fin. Chair
Economic Development Corporation - Brian McGrain
Equal Opportunity Committee - Carol Koenig, Dale Copedge (alt)
Fair Board - Carol Koenig
Ingham County Chapter, Michigan Townships Association - Don Vickers, Randy Schafer
Ingham Family Center Adv. Bd. Judiciary Rep. - Carol Koenig
Ingham Regional Medical Center Bd. Of Dir. - Charles Steinberg
Land Bank Deb Nolan (local unit of govt. rep), Rebecca Bahar-Cook, Debbie De Leon (City of Lansing rep), Brian McGrain
Lansing Area Safety Council - Don Vickers
Local Emergency Planning Committee - Randy Schafer
LEAP - Mary Lannoye
MALPH Board - Todd Tennis, Dean Sienko
Mason Local Development Finance Authority - Don Vickers
Mid South Substance Abuse Commission - Debbie DeLeon, Dale Copedge
Parks Board - Penelope Tsernoglou
Potter Park Zoo Board - Rebecca Bahar-Cook, Deb Nolan
Power of We Consortium - Todd Tennis
Tri-County Aging Consortium - Andy Schor, Rebecca Bahar-Cook, Steve Dougan
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission - Dianne Holman, Brian McGrain
Tri-Co. Reg. Planning Growth Study Committee - Brian McGrain
Womens Commission - Penelope Tsernoglou
Youth Commission - Todd Tennis

Now that we are appointed to our committees and commissions, let the business of government begin for 2011!

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