Monday, October 19, 2015

Here’s a summary of the legislation the House voted on this last week. As usual, please call or email my office with any questions or concerns.

Powdered Alcohol Ban
SB 240 (Jones) RC 350, 10/13/15 Passed 102-3
Next: Sent to the Governor
Committee: Regulatory Reform
Description: HB 4416 (DIANDA) and SB 240 (Jones) prohibit the use, possession, sale, and offer of powdered alcohol.

Long Term Care Partnership Program Insurance
HB 4836 (Lyons) RC 351, 10/14/15 Passed 106-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Insurance
Description: HB 4836 (Lyons) would amend the Insurance Code by adding a new Chapter 39A to address long-term care (LTC) partnership program insurance. It would also permit certain long-term care insurance already in place to be converted to or replaced with a LTC partnership program policy and make necessary changes to the training requirements for those selling, soliciting, or negotiating LTC insurance.

Prescription Drug Good-Samaritan Immunity for Minors
HB 4843 (Pscholka) RC 352, 10/14/15 Passed 106-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Criminal Justice
Description: HB 4843 (Pscholka) would create immunity from prosecution for individuals under 21 years of age when reporting a medical emergency involving prescription drugs. The bill is very similar to current Michigan laws that provide immunity for minors who report an alcohol-related medical emergency.

Municipal Drain Bond Project
HB 4758 (Pscholka) RC 353, 10/14/15 Passed 106-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Local Government
Description: House Bill 4758 (Pscholka) would amend the Michigan Drain Code to allow for the payments of bonds used to pay for drain projects at maturity or upon mandatory redemption. Allowing for the payments of bonds upon mandatory redemption would allow for drain projects to be funded by term bonds, in addition to the already allowed serial bonds.

Flint Water; Flint MSP Chase Appropriation
HB 4102
(Pscholka) RC 350, 10/14/15 Passed 105-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Appropriations
Description: FY ’15 and FY ’16 Supplemental. Notably, it includes for FY ’15, $7.725M ($6.725M from GF, $1M from MSP's insurance) for the MSP settlement from a Flint police chase crash. For FY 16, $9.3M for Flint, including $6M for reconnection to Detroit Water, $1M for testing water samples, $1M for filters, $850k for the childhood lead program, and $500k to add 3 positions within DEQ and LARA to help oversee safety of Flint's water system.

Third Grade Reading
HB 4822 (H-5) (Price) RC 355, 10/15/15 Passed 57-48
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Education
Description: HB 4822 (Price) Establishes a benchmark goal for all pupils in Michigan to be reading proficient at a 3rd grade level on the 3rd grade state assessment, with multiple interventions and supports to assist in obtaining this goal, and a last resort tool of a smart retention where a student may be retained for records purposes until they improve enough in reading. These students could still receive instruction in a 4th grade setting.

Teacher Evaluations
SB 103 (H-8) (Pavlov) RC 356, 10/15/15 Passed 97-8
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Education
Description: SB 103 (H-8) (Pavlov) Replaces the current educator evaluation system, which has a framework of 50% being based on student growth and assessment data with the other 50% being based on an evaluation tool (state or local), classroom observations, specifically set goals, with a new framework that ultimately winds up with 40% of the evaluation being based on multiple measures of student growth and assessment data (when applicable half of it is based on the state assessment), with the remaining 60% being split with the majority portion of it being a vetted evaluation tool (state approved or locally determined), and the rest being based on specific items used for determining lay off lists.

Domestic Violence Package
HB 4476 (H-1) (SANTANA) RC 357, 10/15/15 Passed 104-1
HB 4478 (KOSOWSKI) RC 358, 10/15/15 Passed 96-9
HB 4479 (H-2) (Price) RC 359, 10/15/15 Passed 103-2
HB 4477 (H-1) (Kesto) RC 360, 10/15/15 Passed 104-1
HB 4481 (Lyons) RC 361, 10/15/15 Passed 101-4
HB 4788 (Price) RC 362, 10/15/15 Passed 103-2
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Criminal Justice
Description: HB 4476 (H-1) (SANTANA) would prohibit a court from ordering mediation in domestic relations actions unless both parties consent to the mediation. It would also prohibit a court from ordering mediation when a Personal Protection Order (PPO) is in place. HB 4478 (KOSOWSKI) would include protection for pets within personal protection orders. HB 4479 (H-2) (Price) would create criminal penalties for knowingly or unknowingly assaulting and battering an individual who is pregnant. HB 4477 (H-1) (Kesto) would require the Michigan Supreme Court and Court of Appeals to facilitate service of process in appellate level cases when there is a protection order in place that prohibits contact between the parties or prohibits a party’s address from being disclosed. HB 4481 (Lyons) would expand the current law prohibitions on a court awarding custody of a child conceived as a result of criminal sexual conduct to a parent convicted of that act. HB 4788 (Price) would amend the “Code of Criminal Procedure” to update the sentencing guidelines to reflect statutory changes proposed by House Bill 4479 (Price).

Amending Condominium Regulations
SB 309 (H-1) (Stamas) RC 363, 10/15/15 Passed 104-1
Next: Sent to the Senate

Committee: Local Government
Description: SB 309 (Stamas) amends PA 59 of 1978, the Condominium Act, to require that condominium subdivision plans be prepared by, and signed by, a licensed architect, professional surveyor or professional engineer. Additionally, SB 309 will require plans to contain a cover sheet, as well as deleting a requirement for plans to contain the volume of enclosed air space in each unit.

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