Monday, October 26, 2015

The following is a summary of legislation that recently passed the House Oct. 19-23. Don’t hesitate to call or email my office with any questions.

Establishing Preventative Court Ordered Outpatient Treatment for the Mentally Ill
HB 4674 (H-2) (Leonard) RC 364, 10/20/15 Passed 103-2
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Health Policy
Description: HB 4674 (H-2) (Leonard) would amend the Mental Health Code, to allow a family member or friend to petition the court and allow judges to order outpatient treatment for those who have had their mental illness confirmed by a physician, all without a crime being committed. It allows courts to intervene earlier before danger is imminent.

Allowing Seasonal Restricted CDL License Renewals
HB 4577 (Lauwers) RC 365, 10/20/15 Passed 105-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Transportation and Infrastructure
Description: HB 4577 (Lauwers) allows the Secretary of State to renew a seasonal restricted commercial driver’s license (CDL) vehicle group designation one time per calendar year regardless of whether the seasonal restricted vehicle group designation has expired at the time of renewal.

Extending Re-Employment Protections to Out of State National Guard Members
HB 4796 (Franz) RC 366, 10/20/15 Passed 105-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Military and Veterans Affairs
Description: HB 4796 (Franz) would amend PA 133 of 1955 to allow re-employment protections to be extended to National Guard members who serve in another state’s National Guard but are employed in Michigan.

Establishing MSP “Blue Alert” System
SB 336 (H-1) (Schuitmaker) RC 367, 10/20/15 Passed 104-1
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Criminal Justice
Description: SB 336 (H-1) (Schuitmaker) would require the Michigan State Police (MSP) to establish and maintain a “blue alert” plan that would provide notice to radio and television stations when an officer is killed or seriously injured or when law enforcement is investigating an offender who poses a serious risk or threat to the public and other law enforcement personnel.

Approving Retiree Benefits for MSP Officers
SB 22 (H-2) (Casperson) RC 368, 10/20/15 Passed 103-2
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Appropriations
Description: SB 22 (H-2) (Casperson) amends the State Police Retirement Act to provide supplemental retirement benefits to retirees of the Michigan State Police who retired prior to October 1, 1986.

Agricultural Property Transfers
HB 4677 (H-2) (Maturen) RC 369, 10/20/15 Passed 105-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Tax Policy
Description: HB 4677 (H-2) (Maturen) amends the General Property Tax Act to specify that when qualified agricultural property is transferred to a different owner, if a portion of the property will not remain agricultural, the portion that does remain as qualified agricultural property will not be subject to the property tax “pop-up.” Current law provides that a transfer of qualified agricultural property is not subject to the property tax “pop-up.” However, the law does not specify the tax treatment when only part of the transferred property is changed from an agricultural use.

Establishing the MI Junior Achievement Fund
HB 4817 (Iden) RC 370, 10/21/15 Passed 105-1
HB 4818 (Iden) RC 371, 10/21/15 Passed 105-1
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Tax Policy
Description: HB 4817 (Iden) and HB 4818 (Iden) establish an “income tax check-off” fundraising opportunity on the State individual income tax form for Junior Achievement beginning in tax year 2016. HB 4817 (Iden) establishes the Michigan Junior Achievement Fund in the Department of Treasury to accept the income tax check-off donations to be generated from HB 4818 (Iden). The State Treasurer shall direct the investment of the fund and credit any interest and earnings from income tax donation money or other sources to the fund. HB 4818 (Iden) amends the Income Tax Act to add the Michigan Junior Achievement Fund to the list of entities to which taxpayers may designate a contribution of $5, $10, or more. The amount of the contribution is deducted from a refund or added to the amount of tax owed.

Requiring Promoters Licenses for MMA Events; Regulatory Oversight for MMA Events
SB 152 (S-2) (Robertson) RC 372, 10/21/15 Passed 97-9
Next: Return to the Senate
Committee: Regulatory Reform
Description: SB 152 (S-2) (Robertson) and SB 154 (Robertson) would amend the Michigan Unarmed Combat Regulatory Act to include mixed martial arts (MMA), as well as boxing. Provides LARA, and the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission, with regulatory oversight of MMA events along with its existing oversight of boxing events. The legislation prohibits a person from holding a contest or event without a promoters license (unless exempt by other sections of statute).

Roads Package
HB 4736 (H-1) (McCready) RC 373, 10/21/15 Passed 55-51
HB 4738 (H-1) (McCready) RC 374, 10/21/15 Passed 56-50
SB 414 (H-1) (Schmidt) RC 375, 10/21/15 Passed 61-45
HB 4370 (H-1) (Hughes) RC 376, 10/21/15 Passed 62-44
HB 4737 (H-1) (McCready) RC 377, 10/21/15 Passed 101-5
HB 4614 (H-2) (LaFontaine) RC 378, 10/21/15 Passed 56-50
HB 4616 (H-2) (McCready) RC 379, 10/21/15 Passed 56-50
HB 4610 (S-1) (A. Miller) RC 380, 10/21/15 Passed 62-44
HB 4611 (S-1) (Canfield) RC 381, 10/21/15 Passed 62-44

Next: Sent to the Senate (HB 4736, HB 4738, HB 4370, HB 4737);
Return to the Senate (SB 414; HB 4614, HB 4616);
Sent to the Governor (HB 4610; HB 4611)
Committee: Tax Policy (HB 4370);
Transportation and Infrastructure (HB 4736, HB 4738, HB 4737);
Roads and Economic Development (SB 414, HB 4614, HB 4616, HB 4610, HB 4611)
Description: HB 4736 (H-1) (McCready) would amend the Michigan Vehicle Code increase vehicle registration tax rates. HB 4738 (H-1) (McCready) would amend the Motor Fuel Tax Act increase motor fuel taxes. SB 414 (H-1) (Schmidt) would amend the Income Tax Act of 1967 to create a mechanism that would automatically reduce the individual income tax rate. HB 4370 (H-1) (Hughes) would amend the Income Tax Act of 1967 to expand the Homestead Property Tax Credit. HB 4737 (H-1) (McCready) would amend Public Act 51 of 1951 to add provisions related to road construction warranties. HB 4614 (LaFontaine) would amend the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Revenue Equalization Act. HB 4616 (H-2) (McCready) would amend the Motor Carrier Fuel Tax Act to make complementary amendments to those in House Bill 4738. HB 4610 (S-1) (A. Miller) requires a county road commission to use competitive bidding for a road project in which a township, or combination of two townships, contributes 50% or more of the cost of the project and requests the road commission to use competitive bidding. HB 4611 (S-1) (Canfield) requires all road construction and preservation projects, other than maintenance projects, of a local road agency whose cost exceeds $100,000 to be performed by contract awarded by competitive bidding unless the local road agency affirmatively finds that some other method is in the public interest.

Establishing MMA Regulations
HB 4286 (H-1) (SANTANA) RC 382, 10/21/15 Passed 95-11
Next: Sent to the Governor
Committee: Regulatory Reform
Description: HB 4286 (H-1) (SANTANA) amends the Code of Criminal Procedure to create a 3 year felony for a violation of the Michigan Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Regulatory Act when a professional is in the ring with an amateur.

Modifying the Child Custody Act
HB 4480 (Heise) RC 383, 10/22/15 Passed 76-28
Next: Return to the Senate
Committee: Criminal Justice
Description: HB 4480 (Heise) would prohibit a court from considering negatively any action taken by a parent to protect a child or that parent from the child’s other abusive parent when deciding what custody arrangements are in the best interests of the child.

Repealing Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA); Enact Updated 2008 Version
HB 4742 (H-1) (KOSOWSKI) RC 384, 10/22/15 Passed 102-2
HB 4743 (KOSOWSKI) RC 385, 10/22/15 Passed 102-2
HB 4744 (Kesto) RC 386, 10/22/15 Passed 102-2
HB 4745 (Heise) RC 387, 10/22/15 Passed 101-3
Next: Return to the Senate
Committee: Judiciary
Description: HB 4742 (KOSOWSKI) (H-1), HB 4743 (KOSOWSKI), HB 4744 (Kesto), and HB 4745 (Heise) would repeal the current “Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (Public Act 310 of 1996, hereinafter referred to as “UIFSA”) and would enact the 2008 version that was updated and recommended by the Uniform Law Commissioners. UIFSA provides universal and uniform rules for the enforcement of family support orders. The 2008 version contains several provisions that align with the obligations of the United States of America under the 2007 Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support of Family Maintenance (“the Convention”). In 2008, the Uniform Law Commission approved amendments to UIFSA which incorporated the provisions required by the Convention. In 2014, Congress passed federal implementing legislation for the Convention, the “Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act,” Public Law No.113-183, which requires the 2008 UIFSA amendments be enacted verbatim in every state by April 1, 2016 as a condition of continuing to receive federal funds for state child support programs. For Michigan, the failure to adopt the new UIFSA could result in a loss of over $800 million in federal funding, including TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) funds.

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