Friday, February 26, 2016

The following is a summary of legislation that recently passed the House 2.22.16-2.26.16. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you need additional information (517-373-0826).

Public Body Communications About Local Ballot Questions
HB 5219 (H-1) (Lyons) RC 53, 2/23/16 Passed 60-46
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Elections
HB 5219 (H-1) (Lyons) would amend the Michigan Campaign Finance Act to clarify how public resources may be used in conjunction with discussions of local ballot questions.

Require Confidentiality for Involuntary Hospitalization Petitions
HB 4793 (Lucido) RC 54, 2/23/16 Passed 106-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Judiciary
HB 4793 (Lucido) would require that a petition and any clinical certificates filed for involuntary hospitalizations be kept confidential.

Require Genocide Education in Schools; Establish Governor’s Council on Genocide and Holocaust Education
HB 4493 (H-1) (Kesto) RC 55, 2/23/16 Passed 105-1
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Education
HB 4493 (H-1) (Kesto) establishes a state level requirement that school boards and public school academy (PSA) boards of directors ensure as part of the school’s 8-12 grade curriculum, age and grade appropriate materials are taught on genocide, including the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide, recommending a total of 6 hours over the 5 year span.
The bill also creates a privately funded, advisory only, Governor’s Council on Genocide and Holocaust Education which is charged with promoting genocide and Holocaust education in schools.

Amending the Consumer Mortgage Protection Act
SB 578 (H-1) (Booher) RC 56, 2/23/16 Passed 96-10 (*Vote Reconsidered)
SB 578 (H-1) (Booher) RC 57, 2/23/16 Passed 93-13 (*Final Vote)
Next: Return to the Senate
Committee: Financial Services
SB 578 (H-1) (Booher) amends the Consumer Mortgage Protection Act to replace the current requirement that lenders provide to mortgage refinancing applicants the "Borrowers Bill of Rights" with a special information booklet issued under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).

Amending the Licensing Scope of Practice for Public Accountants
HB 5192 (Afendoulis) RC 58, 2/23/16 Passed 106-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Regulatory Reform
HB 5192 (Afendoulis) makes various changes to the licensing of certified public accountants (CPAs) in the Occupational Code.

Allowing Certain Moving Violation Statues to be Enforced on Private Property Open to the Public
HB 4314 (S-1) (SINGH) RC 59, 2/24/16 Passed 83-19
Next: Presentation to the Governor
Committee: Criminal Justice
HB 4314 (S-1) (SINGH) would allow certain moving violation statutes to be enforced on private property open to the public, specifically when an individual operates a motor vehicle on property open to the public in a manner that would be a moving violation if done on a public road, and death or the serious impairment of a body function is the result.

Sunset Extension on Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA)
HB 5105 (S-2) (Pscholka) RC 60, 2/24/16 Passed 77-25
Next: Presentation to the Governor
Committee: Appropriations
Description: HB 5105 (S-2) (Pscholka) would extend the Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA) sunset from December 31, 2017 to September 30, 2025 and removes language that would reimburse HICA payers when revenues exceed the statutory cap. It further would repeal language that would repeal the entire Act on January 1, 2018.

Amending the Child Protection Law to Create an Online Reporting System
SB 334 (H-2) (Emmons) RC 61, 2/24/16 Passed 103-0
Next: Return to the Senate
Committee: Families, Children, and Seniors
SB 334 (S-2) (Emmons) creates an online reporting system that allows mandatory reporters to report suspected child abuse or neglect directly to the Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) centralized intake. Centralized intake is DHHS’s statewide centralized processing center for reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. This legislation will provide those mandatory reporters an online reporting system, which will also eliminate the need for a follow-up written report by the reporter, so long as the initial immediate report includes the information required in the current written report.   

Agriculture Repeal Package
HB 5051 (Canfield) RC 62, 2/24/16 Passed 103-0
HB 5050 (Pagel) RC 63, 2/24/16 Passed 102-1
HB 5052 (Cole) RC 64, 2/24/16 Passed 102-1
HB 5053 (Hughes) RC 65, 2/24/16 Passed 102-1
HB 5054 (Howrylak) RC 66, 2/24/16 Passed 103-0
HB 5055 (Bizon) RC 67, 2/24/16 Passed 96-7
Next: Sent to the Senate

Committee: Agriculture
HB 5051 (Canfield) is intended to repeal Public Act 226 of 1889, which provides for the collection of specific taxes from corporations, co-partnerships, parties or persons, subject under any laws of this sate to the payment of such taxes. It schedules the time when such taxes become a lien upon the property of such corporations, co-partnerships, parties or persons. The bill defines a property according to the act. HB 5050 (Pagel) is intended to repeal Public Act 72 of 1929, which encourages the horses breeding in the state of Michigan. It requires the registration of stallions and regulates the public service of stallions. It stipulates the compilation and publication of statistics relative to horse breeding, for liens, and for penalties for the violation of this act. HB 5052 (Cole) is intended to repeal Public Act 340 of 1913, which prevents and punishes the sale of immature and unwholesome calves, pigs, kids and lambs. HB 5053 (Hughes) would to repeal Public Acts 309 sections 1-7 of 1939, which covers altering of tattoo identification on a dog, a $1 fee for selling a dog, the issuance of title by MDARD, finder of lost dog entitled to fee, fees unspent rolling into the general fund, penalties for altering identification tattoo, and penalties for stealing or holding a dog. The fee is no longer collected by the department and the department feels theft laws will cover these sections. HB 5054 (Howrylak) would to repeal section 12 of the Insect Pest and Plant Disease Act, which requires the department to issue a $5 license fee to any resident or non- resident nurseryman, dealer or grower, who solicits or takes orders or sells nursery stock in order to have an agent’s permit. This complete list is kept by the department director. HB 5055 (Bizon) would to repeal Public Act 220 of 1983, which pertains to an act focused on the removal and remediation of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) from silos produced by Michigan Silo Company after a 1982 finding.

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