Friday, February 5, 2016

The following is a summary of legislation that passed the House 2.1.16-2.5.16. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you need additional information (517-373-5568).

Creating Inter-State Medical Licensure Compact
HB 4582 (Tedder) RC 23, 2/2/16 Passed 103-3
HB 4583 (H-2) (Tedder) RC 24, 2/2/16 Passed 103-3
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Health Policy
Description: HB 4582 (Tedder) modifies the licensing process to authorize allopathic and osteopathic physician holding an expedited license authorized under the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact to engage in the practice of medicine. HB 4583 (H-2) (Tedder) creates the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which would create a process for expediting the licensing of physicians seeking to practice in multiple states.

Creating the Civil Air Patrol Employee Protection Act
HB 4537 (H-1) (LaFontaine) RC 25, 2/3/16 Passed 106-0
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Commerce and Trade
HB 4537 (H-1) (LaFontaine) The bill would create the "Civil Air Patrol Employment Protection Act," which would prohibit an employer from discriminating against, disciplining, or discharging an employee because he or she was responding to an emergency as a member of the Civil Air Patrol, if certain conditions were met.

Assessments to Cover Judgements Against Government Entities
SB 615 (Schmidt) RC 26, 2/3/16 Passed 106-0
Next: Presentation to the Governor
Committee: Judiciary
SB 615 (Schmidt) would provide that a judgment against a governmental entity that is collected as a tax could not be captured by any other governmental entity for any other purpose. The bill would apply retroactively to judgments entered after May 6, 2015. In short, the bill would prohibit tax increment finance authorities (TIF) and downtown development authorities (DDAs) from capturing revenues generated as a result of a county having a court-ordered judgment against it assessed and collected as a tax.

Flow-Through Entity Income Tax Withholding
HB 5131 (Farrington) RC 27, 2/4/16 Passed 105-1
Next: Sent to the Senate
Committee: Tax Policy
HB 5131 (Farrington) would eliminate tax-withholding requirements for flow-through entities (i.e., limited liability companies, S corporations, and partnerships). For tax years that begin on or after July 1, 2016, withholding would not be required for the distributive share of the taxable income of their individual nonresident members or the distributive share of business income of members that are corporations or other flow-through entities. Without these requirements, members would be expected to pay their estimated taxes directly to the State.

Allowing Distribution of Use Tax to Local Units to Replace Lost Personal Property Taxes
HB 5176 (Farrington) RC 28, 2/4/16 Passed 105-1
Next: Sent to the Senate

Committee: Tax Policy
HB 5176 (Farrington) amends the Local Community Stabilization Authority Act to revise the formula for reimbursing cities for personal property tax (PPT) losses related specifically to the “small taxpayer exemption” in fiscal years 2014 and 2015. Under the small taxpayer exemption, beginning in FY 2014, a property owner with personal property with a combined true cash value of $80,000 or less in value within a municipality is exempt from paying the PPT on that property.

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